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My eyes are bleeding (and no, I will not use this software or even look at its source code)

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@carlopiana@mastodon.uno about your request on the other side ;-)

I'm very happy with my google pixel, ungoogled and running calyxos. This way I get updates really fast (I have june security patch already since a couple of days) and built in microg, f-droid and some very sane privacy-oriented defaults.

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Per deformazione professionale tendo ad assumere il peggiore scenario possibile, e nel peggiore scenario possibile qualcosa di molto brutto potrebbe essere successo al backend di .

(Sì ho controllato: la mail è legittima e non si tratta di spam o phishing)

What a long journey it has been, with ups and downs as it should be, I am glad to have contributed to another impressive project:


Kudos to a great mantainer who was always kind and positive but firm in his remarks!

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stop to by the Italian SA:


OpenAI is not established in the EU, however it has designated a representative in the European Economic Area. It will have to notify the Italian SA within 20 days of the measures implemented to comply with the order, otherwise a fine of up to EUR 20 million or 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover may be imposed.

I kind of like when the regulators do their job!

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Oggi è andata così 😁

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If I ask an LLM to write an essay about a topic and release it under a specific license, it will do so (see attachment). I wonder if this would hold in case of a litigation...

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